MetaHumans and Optimization

Hi there!
I’m running into clear optimization issues with my MetaHumans. I am working to ensure that the player for my game can experience the world as a very wide range of diverse and inclusive options. MetaHumans made perfect sense as a tool to generate gorgeous, representative player characters, and I merrily made the requisite 30 my team and I had agreed upon as ethnically and gender representative for the demo.
The issue seems to be fps. I have culturally appropriate tattoos on some of their faces now, which are visible at LOD 0 and 1, but overall, MH seem to completely tank my fps. When I replaced the player character MetaHuman with Quinn, I went from an average of 35 fps to 60 and above on my foliage dense island, and in the starter level, I went from 40 fps to 90! This is a huge hit, and I have to assume I’m doing things wrong somewhere.
I replaced all strands with hair cards, and I’m working at LOD1 now, which seems to be the minimum I need for the facial tattoos.
No tutorials at present offer my any significant solution.
Does anyone have advice on this? I really do want to use this amazing tool, and be able to present stunning high fidelity characters, but they need to be performant, and right now, they simply aren’t.