Metahumans and control rig not working properly in sequencer

This is a bit of a weird one. It seems that with the animations I’ve retargeted, when I try to plot these on a control rig using a MALE metahuman, the animations come across with some transforms that are stretching the rig. I’ve made a video below:

When using a FEMALE metahuman, this problem doesn’t exist. In the project illustrated above, all the retargeting was done properly and no female asset was in the project.

Am I doing something wrong? All the tutorials I’ve found on this workflow are using a female metahuman which works perfectly.

I have the same issue did you solve it?

I would try and replace the files in the Metahuman common folder. Try creating a new project then add that same metahuman in that project, navigate to ProjectName\Content\MetaHumans\Common and copy those files in the same folder of your original project. That has worked for me in the past.