Metahuman to gltf

Hey, Guys and gals.

I’m playing with the metahuman creator and it is amazing. I work for a company that creates a lot of webGL geo base assets, like gltf and usdz files. I was wondering if it is possible to create a scene inside unreal and export it as a glb (gltf) file. I tried the gltf exporter plugin, but it crashes every time that I try to export the asset.

Metahuman would be amazing for our workflow. But it needs to generate a gltf file in the end.

Thank you for your amazing work.


Lucio Freitas.

MetaHuman assets are currently licensed only for use with Unreal Engine.

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But Unreal has a gLTF exporter plugin released by Epic. The problem is that the plugin has some issues 'cause is in beta yet. But it exists. What you’re saying is that I’ll never be able to use metahuman assets for something like a webGL kind of real-time asset. Is there any way to get a real-time asset from Unreal? I mean, something that can be visualized using a web browser for instance?


If you really needed to you can find a way to get it to gltf format by exporting to other formats first, but the licensing doesn’t allow you to use the assets outside of Unreal Engine. So for example if you’re using a different engine for WebGL you don’t have permission to use the Metahuman assets that way. The option to export the assets is so that you can edit them within your 3D software and then bring it back into Unreal Engine.

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Thanks for the replys, guys.

Hey, @Moth_Doctor … this link to the EULA agreement is broken. I just see a blank screen. Do you have the right link for the EULA agreement?


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