Metahuman to Blender 3 | Candy lips | EEVEE REALTIME!

Should I make a tutorial for this? In this video I am going to export an awesome metahuman model from Unreal Engine and then I will import our metahuman in Blender 3 (The model is Hana and the textures are from Ada). I imported shape, hairs and textures from Unreal Engine to Blender.
I deleted the rig and used the face texture for the eyes because it is so lovely weirdy (yeah it was an error, but it was too lovely to be fixed).
The idea of the sugar comes from the channel of Blender Guru, you know!

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Please do!

Does the license allow exporting to blender though??

I haven’t read it yet! I’m still testing Metahuman.
I know that you can use them for free under $1 million in revenue.
Do you know if there is a FAQ with answers about the license?

Quixel Bridge allows you to export them to Maya in just one clic. I don’t think that there is much difference between editing metahuman in Maya or Blender :slight_smile: about commercial purposes I have no certain answers right now.