Metahuman to 3rd Person Player

Hi everyone,
I’ve just imported my first Metahuman and like to make it the playable character. I cannot assign the skeleton somehow but I’m not at all experienced with this.
Can someone please explain to me step by step what has to be done after importing the character to assign it to the playable character?
Everything I found on Google and Youtube was for UE4 and didn’t work for me.

I’m… not really sure I understand your question. I assume you want to replace the default mannequin in the third person template with a metahuman?

If so, there are three things you need to do:
First, you need to move all of the metahuman meshes and grooms into the Third Person Character Blueprint. Swap out the skeletal mesh for the metahuman body, and attach all the meshes and grooms in the same way they are attached in the metahuman blueprint. Then copy the construction script code from the metahuman blueprint into the Third Person character blueprint so everything attaches correctly.
Then, you need to retarget all of the animations from the third person character to the metahuman base skeleton. There is documentation on the Unreal website explaining how to do this.
Finally, you need to create a new Animation Blueprint for the metahuman base skeleton that is exactly the same as the one used by the default Third Person Character, but using the retargeted animations instead.

Assign the new animation blueprint to the body skeletal mesh and everything should work. The process should be exactly the same in UE5 as it was in UE4. There are literally no changes to how this works.