MetaHuman skeleton and Modular Armor

I recently thought about using Metahuman for facial animations and using it for character meshes.

However, I faced the problem of all the armor assets and other modular elements were not available to me: I suspect because of the presence of two additional spine bones.

It looks like this:

With a regular skeleton like this:

I understand correctly that I can only use the old skeleton with my purchased assets?

With just attaching head with master pose give me not good results:

The best i could achieve is attach head to socket and hide neck.

Hey! Im having the same issues. I tried so many different variations. Using epic skeleton (the chest armor) with copy pose, epic skeleton as the master pose parent, and the opposite (metahuman skeleton). All of them had issues with stretching or syncing. How did you manage to hide the neck?
I created a morph target to hide the neck and it still had the weird skin flap

To maybe help someone, this video helped me do it succesfully: Custom Metahumans for Virtual Production + Instant Control Rig Setup for any Skeletal Mesh - YouTube

I ran into the same problem, i found that i needed to copy the LOD sync into the blueprint i was using for the metahuman pawn and it fixed my problem with the flappy neck and the glitchy floating hair