Metahuman Sharing How to Round Trip Face and Body Motion and Custom Clothing UE and Maya


I’ve been enjoying testing with Metahumans for a few weeks now. During that time, I put together some workflows to fit my preferred workflow, which is to record motion capture for the face and body, then apply that to the character in Maya and round trip back to Unreal. I also added custom clothing. Some of it was just figuring things out and other parts involved custom tools. I created a video to detail that process. I hope this helps people like myself, enjoying these amazing tools.

Thanks for all the great discussion and information on this forum!

Adnan Hussain


This is so brilliant, Adnan. So the Control Rig you’re creating is onto the actual Metahumans skeleton, yes? ie. not humanik?

I know its a dumb question, but how would I go about getting standard HumanIK mocap animation clips to work with your system, inside maya. Is that possible?