Metahuman Scale Issue when applying Body anim from Maya


I’ve got a ctrl rig setup in Maya to animate Metahumans, and am able to export the DHIbody:root body skeleton and load that animation in sequencer on the body. It works well, but as soon as the fbx animation is applied, the character size changes. It seems to scale up in size. Has anyone else seen this and are there any solutions to this?

In the image, you can see the character head/body (skeletal mesh with animation which changed its size) vs the clothes which are an alembic geometry cache which is the correct scale.

character_scale_vs_clothes maya_rig

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Adnan Hussain

hey, I posted pretty much the same question some time ago as I ran into the same issue I think.
Nobody responded to mine but I think I just figured out what the problem is by myself :smiley:
When you import the anim, open that anim asset and in the details the first option is to select skeleton that you want to retarget your animation to and then just select whatever skeleton your metahuman is using. It has names like m_tall_unw or something like that. You can check which skeleton yours is using by selecting the Body.

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Thank you Shain98. That was a huge help. I would not have though to look there. The motion I was using was already retargeted to the correct proportions, but I still needed to check the skeletal mesh used in the blueprint and then make sure to set it to that on the animation as seen in the images below in case that can help anyone else.

So, in the character Blueprint, you can select the body and then see which body it is using.

Plug that body into the retarget slot on the animation that you have imported and I also use the Metahumans skeleton as the skeleton for the animation I am using.

Adnan Hussain

Shain is correct. Check the body naming tokens in the maya file to see which skelmesh you should set for retarget source. @Shain98 Sorry we didn’t reply with this earlier.