Metahuman says connecting then disconnects

Every time I try to use Metahuman it says that I’m connecting, then after a few minutes it says “you have been disconnected from the editor” with out loading the app.

I sent a request to join, got a confrimation. When I click the link in the confirmation e-mail, it goes to the right page, but then the above happens. I’m on firefox, but according to the FAQ that should be fine.

Any help would be wonderful.


yes, the same problem, maybe someone will already pay attention? Or will he give a clear answer why is this happening?

hi! I have the same problem, have you found out anything about it?

Hi, I noticed that the replies & question that refers to "connecting then disconnecting "
post was about a year ago, has anybody found a workaround? If so it would be greatly appreciated if you could post your findings to help others.

Hi so it seems after further investigating that when you launch Bridge from Unreal Engine 5 trying to launch Meta-Humans returns" [ connecting then disconnects]"… So I found the workaround was to DL & Install then launch the standalone Bridge, then connect through the browser and everything seemed to work, maybe this might help others like it if it does.