Metahuman Retargeting Pose Asset Missing

Hi I’m trying to follow this documentation, but the pose asset referred to at step 1.5. is missing: RetargetPoseMedAvgMale_PoseAsset

Here are the pose assets that do come into unreal.
I may be misunderstanding the process, but shouldn’t I be seeing the aforementioned pose asset in this list somewhere? Thanks

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That particular retarget pose is for the MetaHuman sample project that is in the Unreal Engine documentation.

The MetaHumans from the Creator app don’t yet have their retarget poses. This is something that we realized only this past week and are working to get that fixed up very soon!

I’ll be working to get a version of this retargeting documentation from UE into the MetaHuman Creator documentation as well, hopefully by the end of next week.


Thanks for the quick response. Look forward to it.

Hi Tim!

I just stumbled upon this as I was finding myself manually adjusting the pose of my MetaHuman. I have downloaded and created the MetaHumanSample project, but there’s no RetargetPoseMedAvgMale_PoseAsset in the project.

What happened to it and what is the plan? :slight_smile:

Update 1
Someone mentioned they should be in the Mocap folder, but I only have these two files there:

Update 2
Found the files, had to create the project for UE4 and then migrate to 5. The problem I am having now is that my MH can’t use the pose asset from the sample, as they are targeting different skeletons etc.

Is there an ETA of when the custom MH will get their own retargeting poses?

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You can just retarget the same skeleton to the Metahuman skeleton.
It even worked by deleting and retargeting for me and then the poses will link up fine with the Quixel Bridge based skeleton as they are the same.

I’m a bit of a beginner with Unreal Engine. I tried finding the option to retarget the pose asset to the MH skeleton my custom MH was using but I was not able to do so. Am I going about it wrong or how can I get my MH to be able to use the pose asset?

This may not be the intended solution, but metahumans come with 18 retarget sources. One for each body type/sex/etc. After retargetting an animation to your metahuman skeleton, open up the animation and set the retarget source to match your metahuman. Reimport the animation to update.

where? I dont see any of those poses anywhere. I see them for body parts for some reason… not sure what that is all about.