Metahuman, Quixel Megascans and royalties

Further clarification needed on licensing permissions for Metahuman, Quixel Megascans and creative licensing royalty threshold.

I am interested in using Unreal Engine, Metahumans, and Megascans to create commercial materials, including videos, print (on-demand and other), and nfts. I am an independent creator and currently enrolled in a digital media degree.
Does your license allow for the uses indicated above?
If not, what types of commercial projects can I make using your tools?
What is the cost/payment threshold for royalties for someone in my position? I am interested in video, animation, design, advertising and print. Currently, I use creative cloud, and if it’s possible to export the file extension, I will bring the files over into Dimension, Photoshop and After Effects.


Hi did anyone answer this? I’m also interested in using it for NFTs and not sure which license is required for that

You’ll want to read over the Terms of Use for Megascans if using a paid plan, or your Unreal Engine EULA for an Unreal Unlimited plan. All licensing details are covered by these documents. With regard to royalties, that should be covered in your licensing agreement.