Metahuman Problems, Neck Mesh Stretches

Hello friends, please I ask for your help to solve this problem I’m having.

I’m using Advanced Locomotion System and Metehuman.

I followed some tutorials on how to integrate the two but I’m having this problem in the weight of the persons when below and when I activate ragdoll.


Looks like you may be using a ‘Set Master Pose Component’ in your construction script. If you plug the Metahuman head into that node, it will do this. Looks funny like that. This is because you’re setting a master pose form another animation blueprint. Try disconnecting that (if that is the case), then parenting the head to the skeleton (whichever component you plugged into the ‘New Master Bone Component’ in the Construction script), connecting it to the ‘head’ socket, then rotating it -90 degress on the y axis.

Hopefully this makes sense and I haven’t gone way off course! :slight_smile:

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Hi friend, thanks for your answer, I still have the same problem even though I no longer use Metahuman’s EnableMasterPose function.
I noticed the same problem in other attempts to retarget new projects.
I couldn’t quite understand your tip.
I tried to put a socket but it didn’t work.
Can you give me more tips please?

Did you figure this out? My neck is flapping in the wind like coattails