MetaHuman - Please scale the female "Tall" Body Type in Y to match DAZ 4.x - Gen 8.1 Female height


Please scale the height of the MetaHuman Female “TALL” body type option to the default DAZ 4.x
Gen 8.1 height in Y (or Z, whatever is UP for you).

At the moment, scaling down the female Gen 8.1 default female to roughly 93% in Y (in DAZ)
will allow to match the heights and volumes/silhouettes to the MetaHuman female “tall” variant
but it would be A LOT more convenient to have the defaults at least for the “tall” Female MetaHuman
Body Type match the DAZ 4.x default character out of the box already.

This would give a “tall” MetaWoman actually being tall at around 182ish cm, instead of maxing
out at around 165ish cm… not just for SuperHeroines.

Btw, the MetaHuman male “tall” Body Type fits already very close to the Gen 8.1 default male, which
is most welcome for (re)-using all sorts of garments and creating your own or buying/trying/testing
Marvelous Designer/CLO3D clothing from places like Artstation, many garments there are fit to the
Gen 8/Gen8.1 default (male/female) characters.

Would be really great to get a headstart with the “tall” MetaWoman having at least the option to also
try a lot of already existing garments, too…



Here´s another point to make for re-adjusting the default Y scale of the MetaHuman Female “Tall”
Body Type.

Even the default UE4 SK_Mannequin_Female is taller than the default “Tall” MetaHuman characters.

One could argue that - ideally - at least one variant of the MetaHuman Female BodyType should
match the default UE4 SK_Mannequin_Female.

Investigating this a bit more, scaling the UE4 SK_Mannequin_Female by 1.04 (in X, Y and Z) will make
it match very closely to the Default Female DAZ GEN 8.1 Female´s height/proportions.

The buttcheeks/lower hip don´t perfectly match between the two but that´s probably because the
UE4 SK_Mannequin_Female is a polished metal robot, with less muscles/gravity in that area?

It would be awesome to have the default UE4 SK_Mannequin_Female mesh/rig scaled to 1.04 (XYZ)
and then have the MetaHuman Female “Tall” Body Type height (Y only!) scaled/adjusted in Y to
match both the default DAZ 4.x GEN 8.1 female character AND the newly adjusted UE4 SK_Mannequin_Female.

E.g. “all tall women across all apps” having the same height and silhouette.

If that´s too late (millions using the default UE4 SK_Mannequin_Female as is already) then maybe at
least look into making the “Tall” MetaHuman Female match the default DAZ 4.x Gen 8.1 female
character AND also changing the “Average” MetaHuman Female height match the default UE4
SK_Mannequin_Female height?

Makes sense?

Average MetaHuman Female = UE4 SK_Mannequin_Female height+silhouette
Tall MetaHuman Female = DAZ 4.x GEN 8.1 Female default character height+silhouette



I agree generally that the body heights are off. I mean, maybe they aren’t off by numbers but they are off by my internal compass of what seems normal when I see the height compared to the size of the head (the heads look huge to the body). Tall female and tall male seems pretty normal to me and not tall (even if technically they are tall statistically)

I am all for making the height match daz

I’ve noticed the scaling difference too (basically the same results with Genesis 8 models). I haven’t had the time to go in and look at scaling the female models yet, so thanks for the numbers as a starting point.

Here´s a quick size comparison overlay of the DAZ 4.x Gen 8.1 male and female
default characters versus the default SK_Mannequins.

My posed versions are quick ballpark levels of accurate only.

Does anyone here do similar comparison tests, with default characters from other creation apps?

Below is another example of comparing the DAZ 4.x Gen 8.1 male against a Ten24/3D scan store
male scan that was available as example for fittings of their new Realtime Clothing line.

Also close to the DAZ 4.x Gen 8.1 male´s height, I actually had written to them asking if they could
look into adjusting their ankles to make their template swap “seamlessly” with stuff done for the
Gen 8.1 male (e.g. all the stuff found on Artstation done in Clo3D/Marvelous Designer).

Haven´t heard back from them (the 3Dscan store I mean) but even so, their new line of 3D clothing
meshes should fit pretty good as a start to use on SK_Mannequin sized characters?

I´d be really interested to find out about other default relations and such from other users.

Not to say that Gen 8.1 males/females are the ultimate in accuracy and should be the gold standard
but still, it´s good to know what will fit and where to start…



Currently on sale (I´m not affiliated in any way)

has an open beta at the moment. It´s more or less Marvelous Designer, I can´t really tell the
difference but I´m also not an expert.

Anyway, worth giving it a try.

Here´s an example of taking a Skanect scan (XBox Kinect based input) butchering around
in Clo3D using the Gen 8/Daz 4.x Male as Avatar and then managing to use Bridge to pull
a (tall) MyMetaHumans character into Maya and as an Alembic into Clo3D to re-fit those
clothes to.

Textures done in Substance Painter, not polished yet, but convenient for constant updating…

Bringing the (more refined) clothes back into UE4 is next.

Yes, there could even be jungle boots, an Agisoft scan is already done, no retopo, yet…

Closest thing I could find to use as scan/photogrammetry as a jungle boots here in the area.
Come with Vibram soles instead of Panama soles, for the armchair general on his couch…

After watching 80s/90s youtube documentaries about the war against drugs in the US:

Thank you for including that Moustache Option!

Totally amazed at what can be done with MetaHuman Creator even now already…

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