MetaHuman Outfit Creation Experiments

Due to the limited amount of available outfits, I’ve been working to learn more about how to create clothing for the metahumans.

I made this outfit and rigged it to the metahuman skeleton as my first test to see how feasible it was. The results were… ok? There were some issues in maya getting the rig to skin properly. However, I was able to at least pose it using the control rig, which is kind of a win. I don’t think it will handle a walk cycle super well.

I’m going to continue to experiment with clothes for the metahumans, starting with seeing if I can make a lab coat.
You can find more screenshots here:


awesome work!

There have been a number of Youtubes with different approaches to clothing which might help.
Google for: youtube metahuman clothing

I’ve tried that, but I haven’t found many good videos. Do you have any recommendations?

Most are simply switching bodies with other non-=metahumans but here are a few that explore custom clothes. Some are just demos of what’s possible but lack tutorials.

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I have had good results using biharmonic bone capture in Houdini to skin custom clothing to the meta human skeleton. I had to remove all the twist bones from the bone capture to get it to work well, maybe that would work in Maya too?

That’s a good idea actually.

What I’m quickly finding is that any clothing piece that is sufficiently similar to the existing pieces is easy to weight by just copying the mesh weights from the existing shirt or pants. Even if the weighting isn’t perfect, it will at least match the existing movements with just a few minor adjustments. The hard part is anything that doesn’t fit in with the existing pieces, or has elements of both.

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You should definitely continue. One day, people will want to dress there Metaverse characters in some in-world fashion store.

Truly amazing outfit and outstanding work on the materials as well! I have been taking a deep dive into the topic as well. Actually working on a course on how to fully customize a metahuman (mesh morphing, custom hair, textures, clothes etc.).
Maybe we can have a chat some day and exchange our experiences?
And btw, do you skin the attachments (waist belt with bottles etc), or do you attach it as a phyisics asset in the blueprint?