Metahuman Optimization

Hello guys,

I know that Metahuman requires a lot of resources in a game, do you think that if I use only one (downloaded in low quality) in my game, players may have performance problems?

Are there already games that have been published with Metahumans on Steam or the Epic Game store?

Thank you :pray: :pray:

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Metahumans are performance expensive, even activating lower definition LODs, for instance, inside MH blueprints, select LODSync component and set Forced LOD = 4 or higher. Also, select groom assets and check use hair cards. Keep in mind not all hair assets support LOD 2 or above.


The best to test performance of metahumans in a game can be achieved with Lyra Starter Game.
Lyra Starter Game in UE Game Samples - UE Marketplace (

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First thank you for your answer :pray:

I follow your advise on my project and Iā€™m already gaining performance :slight_smile:

I will also try it on Lyra

My game will be very basic (a 3D platformer) with few blueprints, so hopefully it will work smoothly with a Metahuman :crossed_fingers:

If you have any other advice please let me know, thanks again :smiley:

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Glad to help.
Another way is to select LODSync component and set Forced LOD = -1, and Min LOD = 4 or higher. The reason for that is Forced LOD keeps only the selected value regardless of the distance from the camera, while Min LOD will adjust the resolution accordingly to the distance. That can give you extra performance gains.
Keep up the good work.


Thank you mate, Iā€™m learning UE and it helps me a lot :smiley: Cheers!

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