Metahuman not working in Russia

Hello! Epic stated that all UE functionality will still be present in Russia, but for two weeks I can’t access creator at all.
“Disconnected from editor” is the only thing I can see (tried with 2 network providers and all popular browsers). But it works with VPN (although it’s nearly impossible to work with VPN speeds).
Is there some new sanctions from the company to Russian users (totally understandable, but Epic never mentioned this).

Hi @TheSolarGrizzly ,

I read Epic Games was supporting Ukraine not selling videogames in Russia so, maybe, services have been limited too, due to the Russia’s invasion war over Ukraine, against the international rules and Human Rights.

Anyway, it can be your goverment too, limiting connections to the internet, to keep citizens controlled and uninformed.

Hope that it finishes soon and that Russian citizens stop this dementia. Regards.

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Получилось подключиться к Metahuman? У меня сейчас такая же проблема и ничего не помогает :frowning:

Нет, работает только с VPN :frowning: