Metahuman Maya Source Asset is wrong (Fix for custom made clothing/body)

Heya all,

I thought I’ll share something I just discovered.
I was making some custom clothing/body for my metahuman in Maya, skinning it to the right skeleton and then exporting that to Unreal. Everything looked fine at first, until I put some animation I made in Maya on it in sequencer. The whole metahuman seemed to be offset by a few centimeters in the air and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it until I compared it to the default one with no clothing and the sandals - in Unreal, by default, the sandals are under the ground and his feet are right on the ‘floor’’, while in Maya source file, the sandals are the ones on the floor.

Turns out in Maya by default, the metahuman comes in slightly higher than he should be, the root is still on 0,0,0 but the pelvis’ higher.
For example, the pelvis in ‘m_med_nrw_body’ is at ‘93.354’ while the same body in Unreal is at ‘91.354’.
The 2cm difference is the sandals :smiley:

I hope this will help anybody who’s trying to create custom bodies and it seems wrong or before they notice too late ! :slight_smile:

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