MetaHuman LOD Hair visbility problem

As written everywhere, some of the groom do not yet support LODs > 1.
I searched for it and found few posts about it and the “problem” is solved in most of these post by different variations of turning LODs off. Unfortunately its quite performance heavy.
So I’ve tried creating my own cards for higher LODs, but the given cards material looks bad on it due to martial transperency (the pointy cloud from temporal AA).
I could not figure out why thats the case. It seems like theres only one WIP hair master material that works for cards and strains (M_Hair_V2).
Is it correct that there is only one hairmaterial for all Hair and only the parameters change for different hairstyles?
As that seems to be the case, I expected that my custom Cards should work together with the given material out of the box. Isn’t that the case?