Metahuman LOD +Hair flickering

I am new to UE and trying to create some basic shots using Metahumans. The LOD and hair flicker so much it’s difficult to do anything. I have a 3090 GPU and have tried different settings from Med to Epic. Where am I going wrong?

Issue can be seen here (MP4)

This happens in both cinematic viewport and normal viewport. A different issue but possibly related … I’m on a long cinematic lens and also get far plane clipping if I move much further back.

Really hope someone can help. Thanks!

EDIT: This is for rendered shots not gameplay

groom Asset
LOd settings, enabled, disabled. I tutu solved all the problems with flashing and disappearing hair.
BUT when I play a video in Sequencer, there’s a different song.
Sequencer even ruins the lighting.

Thanks for your reply! I’ll give that a spin.

I’ve been trying to figure out lighting issues too. With everything eye-balled off the screen isn’t black. I can still see the human. Is this a sequencer thing? eek.

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I have a lot of questions for MetaHumans and unfortunately technical support is completely silent on MetaHumans, so we are engaged in the invention of bicycles)). As far as hair is concerned, its disappearance occurs when it is distant or approaching - I solved all the problems as I told you above (groom Asset - central, basic LOd). Play with the ticks.
Plus, note MetaHumans beta demo version and there are hair hairstyles that are “temporary” they will not be correctly displayed in projects. UE4
This is currently the constructor of MetaHumans. Dancing with a tambourine.) )).

And in the video editor sequencer even disappear lighting, there is generally a concert.

personally, my hair problems were solved here, central ticks, on/off.
BUT it is necessary to take into account the type of hair in MetaHumans, allowed by LOd, originally in the designer, in order to correctly display in projects UE4.

as for the installation of video in the sequencer, and the violation of lighting, there are insidious functions)).
Look in Show - Post Processing - turn off Eye Adaptation.

Next, in the camera settings in Post Process - Lens - Exposure - cancel Auto Exposure and turn on
Play with numbers in Exposure under Manual, there should be 1.0 by default, but try higher, maybe up to 9.0.
Here, too, dancing with a tambourine… you need to try everything).

Wow, ok this is SO incredibly helpful. Thank you for taking the time to share these details! I’ll be digging into this over the next week and wouldn’t have known any of this. have a great day

This might be a fix:

  • Disable “Auto LOD” in the Hair Groom Settings
  • Delete all LOD’s except those that you want to use (in my case only LOD1)
  • Only use fixed LOD (also LOD1 in my case)
  • Turn off the Physics Simulation in the Hair groom settings
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Not sure if anyone here is still wondering, I ended up ticking the “Never Distance Cull” box under LODs in the details panel of the hair. Instantly fixed the problem.

I can confirm that it has to do with the shading.
changing LODs was mentioned in 3 forums 3 different ways never fixing the issue .
but I did find within the asset a “cast shadow” option. inside the meta humans BP. Ticking on and off stops the flickering so the shadows will need to be edited above all else, if you want to cast shadows. otherwise just turn the setting off for any hair assets (eyelashes brows facial or other).

Tried this, but it didn’t reduce the flickering. LODs are all forced to 0, and Never Cull Distance is enabled. Eyebrows and mustache both disappear based on the distance.


What worked for me was messing with the LODs tab on the har asset. Like in this video:

I had the 3rd person camera right at the edge of LOD2 so it was constantly swapping. I changed the LOD2 to strands and everything was more smooth. LOD3 Is not reachable so the switch to cards is not really ever seen.

Kind of a workaround, but the strand to cards switch is really brutal as-is on an afro hair.

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