Metahuman Live Link Tracking Is Not Working for Eyes

After importing a Metahuman and animation data from Live Link (.CSV), all facial animation data is tracking EXCEPT for the eyes (eye movement, blinking, etc.) Does anyone have a solution for this?

In the pictured example, the “eyeBlink_R” and all other eye values have keyframes, yet the Metahuman just stares blankly forward in the default pose. This is a 5.2 stock Metahuman (Aoi).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Not sure if you still need a (possible) solution for this, but make sure that

a) you chose the name of the take in the “ARKit Face Subj” Variable for the MH
b) enabled “use ARKIT Face”
c) remove the control rig part for the face specifically

then try baking it to an animation sequence, using the Face Component of the MH (rightclick → bake animation sequence).

Worked for me using the same approach (exported *.csv, reimported to UE 5.3.2)