MetaHuman - Lip Sync Animation Helper (Widget)

I’m developing an Editor Utility Widget that simplifies creating lip sync animation for MetaHumans. This works with Sequencer and still relies on the stock MetaHuman Control Rig Face Board.

Main Features

  • simplifies the 22 “essential” face controls to 11 single axis sliders
  • preset Phoneme / Visemes

I’ll post updates to this thread.




The UE forum is notoriously fairly dead, but am very keen for any updates about this. :slight_smile: You may recognize me, mate, from my two other identities Matt hahaha. Virtual Filmer woo. anyway, keep up the amazing work.

What you probably don’t realize is there is a gigantic need for this for use with Daz characters ported to unreal. Most all Daz characters come equipped with visemes [those that don’t have them stock can be purchased with an addon] They do come into unreal as morph targets but when I animate their face using mocap tools, I would like to go over the parts it misses. Currently what I have to do is go into the curve editor and kinda wing it. I would pay you for this tool today if you were able to make it work for Daz.


Looking forward to see your progress Matt :slight_smile:
Have you got any plans for sharing this later on?


I’ve had a few Genesis user reach out to me about similar request. I imagine that Daz will end up creating something. I’ve seen a free Daz body control rig out there. Making a face Control Rig for Daz character is pretty straight forward too. The main issue is that compared to MetaHumans, they will be imported with basically no corrective blendshapes or joint/pose assets, so they will move pretty poorly I’d imagine.

any updates on this?