Metahuman leg-pevlis-animation looks off

When raising the leg up 90 degrees the deformation leaves a pretty big hole in the pelvis area. Seeing as there are so many correction bones and they do a very good job for the most part, I’m wondering if this is how it’s supposed to look or if it can be improved somehow.

The Post Process Animation Blueprint is enabled for these screenshots.

This is likely to reduce clipping with clothes. Normally there should be more of a crease there as opposed to a wide gap, but given custom outfits are a part of the promotion surrounding Metahumans this was probably done so that no matter what sort of pants the character is wearing, there is minimal chance of the leg clipping through.

That’s just my guess anyways. =)

Thank you for your answer. That seems plausible. I was just hoping with all the correction bones the deformation would be better.

You must have done something wrong, or maybe they updated it. Or you may have moved a FK controller instead of rotating it.
Try importing a new one from metahuman. I use UE5 and I import the metahuman with the Quixel Bridge plugin.