MetaHuman kid looking broken when attempting to use it as Third Person Character

Hi there!

I have just started playing with MetaHuman, created a kid characters, and successfully imported into an empty third person project. Now, I am trying to retarget him, so I can use him as my playable character.

I have followed this guide one to one: Retargeting Animations onto a MetaHuman | MetaHuman Creator Documentation

What I get is my lil Billy broken in half xD

I have tried youtube tutorials, the official guide, nothing seems to work. I’m out of ideas. I usually work in Unity, but trying to get into Unreal more.

Any help would be appreciated! This is a bit frustrating as I’ve wasted two nights on this issue already, and I can’t find anyone else having the exact same problem. Downloading 4.27 now just in case it is a version issue (I have 4.26.1 installed).

If anyone encounters the same issue, after recreating the steps from documentation in 4.27, all problems went away. So, might have been me screwing something up, or some unknown bug.

I am successfully pulling animations from Mixamo onto the mannequin and back onto the MH character now.