MetaHuman import/export issues

Just posting to see if anyone else is running into this:

Bridge doesn’t seem to be generating my Maya source files, as I get an error that they don’t exist whenever I try to download them.

So, i just downloaded the UE asset and planned on exporting to FBX to pull into Motion Builder to retarget some animations. But when the exported FBX comes into both Maya and Motion Builder, it comes in with 4.5 different skeletons. They are each listed under a Body, Face, Feet, Legs and Torso ‘transform’ , and Face includes everything except for legs, hence the 4.5 skeletons. Something that is super fun about this is that the hands geometry is skinned to the Body skeleton, while everything else in the torso is connected to Torso. The same is true for the feet and legs- legs are skinned to the skeleton under the Legs transform, while feet are skinned to Feet. The good thing is that I only have four skeletons that include legs, so that makes things easier.

I’m already in touch with Quixel about getting the Maya source files, which at the end of the day is going to probably be the best route. But in case anyone else was getting something similar…

First check your Quixel preferences to make sure source assets are set. Next, there used to be a bug where you needed to right click the metahuman and open the folder on disk and delete it then re-download. Let me know if neither of these works.

Well, I think that sort of got it, although between settings for export and settings for download it’s not really clear what you need to do in order to get both. After setting both to source only, I did get this, although I am guessing she should have a head-

Hi ,

I had a different MetaHuman that I was able to import into Maya 2020. Please Epic, for the love of God and all that is holy, make it crystal effing clear what version of things like Maya people should be using. Would save literally everyone so much time. I imagine my other headless model will now import as well since I have Arnold installed, which of course makes all the sense in the world. I mean, of course you need Arnold, a renderer, to work with subjects destined for rendering in Unreal, which is also, you know, a renderer.

Anyway, when I “Send to Motionbuilder” (I have some mocap I’d like to retarget to the body), I get what is happening in this clip.

MotionBuilder seems to be lacking in having a lot of preferences, but I would guess this might be something you guys have run into before? Here’s hoping, because I’ve already done my retargeting once in MB2022 although that didn’t work for what are probably (now) obvious reasons, at least the retargeting animations have been remapped so I am pretty close to having some actual decent animation on my MetaHumans.

Thanks for your help!

Profile Center → Disable Parallel evaluation seems to have fixed the graphics error