Metahuman Head sequence animation, post process problems

I have a Metahead that I’m animating in sequencer, but when I bake the animation I’m getting unexpected anim curves which seems to be associated with the post process animation. Has anyone else gotten these results and know what the deal is? See image

  1. In sequencer, notice the position of the eye lids, the blink widget keyed at 0.
  2. Animation baked with default settings loaded into anim editor. Notice eye lids more shut, no key at frame zero and the curve at 0.4 instead of 0 on first frame.
  3. When I turn off the post process the animation is correct, but the curve still doesn’t match what’s in sequencer.

Note, I looked at the post process animation, but it looks to only adjust some neck controls so I don’t understand why the face is affected. I apparently need the post process or the character gets very messed up in game. Anyway, does anyone have ideas about what’s going on here?

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Found any solution? I kinda have a similar problem with hand tracking on a metahuman

Did you ever find a solution? I am facing this problem with the body and head :frowning: