MetaHuman head floating with body and face animation


I’ve been trying to apply an animation from rokoko on the body and a facial animation from live link, but if I want the head to move with the facial expressions the whole head detatches from the body and just floats in place. Is there a way to fix this?

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Truly a huge disappointment that these issues go unresolved by Epic continually. Im having the same problem

I was having the same issue. Have you tried this one?

I added an additive facial animation as shown in this video and saved the level sequence. After that, I removed the animation sequence from the AnimBP, which is not shown in the video. In my case, I’ll play the level sequence during runtime, and everything is being saved correctly, body, face, camera cuts and audio.

my 2 cents : if during the game play the head and body got de-sychronized , just go to optimisation tab in BP FAce and set visibility based anim tick option to always tick pose and refresh bones , as if the head get out of the frustum the animation by default is stopped where the body keep playing

I have the same issue “sometimes” with sequencer cinematics. I’ve created a post here:

Hi there, I was having same issues with Sequencer, until I found a video explaining the fix.

It is now work on ue 5.1.1