Metahuman head dont stick to body when simulating physics, any tips?

On my body mesh I want to simulate physics and when I do, head gets a weird offset, the only fix I have found so far is “Set Mast Pose Component” but that really is not a good fix since I want still to have animation on my head. So right now I have to choose between physics on body and no animation on head or vice verse.

Something else I found while searching for this problem is “Copy Pose From Mesh” but for me that does not to seem have any impact on the head.

I uploaded a video demonstration my problem I will also put in some pictures. Any one have any tips of what I could try would be very appreciated, thanks.

Problem I have.

When I pin Face mesh to Set Mast Pose Component the problem is resolved but no animation on head.

Parent Mesh is body mesh.

Okay so I found the solution to my problem, it seems for now at least until someone proves me wrong. A master skeleton cannot have simulate physics activated, no matter what part you simulate as long as you want to have active animation of one of the child skeletons.

All children skeleton will have some type of delay when animation is played on master skeleton. My solution for metahuman is to move base mesh on master skeleton to one of the children and hide master mesh. Works fine now, a bit unnecessary extra skeleton to render.

If it’s just the body that should simulate physics, you can either set the tick group of the face and other child meshes to ‘Post physics’ or use this node:

Add Tick Prerequisite Component

However if parts of your child meshes shall also simulate physics I havent figured out how to get rid of the lag yet

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omg thank you! Have been wondering why my hair got detached when simulating physics for over a month and this solved it!