MetaHuman hand ik controls cant be moved and there isn't a handle to grab

I have been using the Meta Human Control Rig and it is very nice. The foot ik controls work great. I am having trouble getting the hand ik to move and there is no control handle to grab like there is for the foot. In the cinematic sequence to show an ik control handle but when I make my own sequence the handle is not visible. hand_l_ik_ctrl cannot be moved but hand_l_fk_ctrl can. Perhaps there is a setting I am missing? (Adding hand_r_ik_ctrl and hand_r_fk_ctrl for search ability)

Its under global_ctrl. arm_l_fk_ik_switch and arm_r_fk_ik_switch

As a side tip. If you are searching for control rig controls, remember to clear your search if you want to select a different handle because if the search doesn’t match your handle’s name it will automatically deselect