Metahuman hair Issue

Anyone having this issue with metahuman in ue5? I tried changing the clipping plane and also 2 sided on the material but it didn’t work.

@kheng Did you ever fix this? Having the same issue

Metahuman just seems really buggy atm, I’m guessing all these issues will be ironed out over time since it’s so new. Mine crashes my project as soon as I open the blueprint for it, I’m assuming your problems also just a bug that’ll be fixed in future releases.

Same problem here with UE5 EA2. I tried placing a Metahuman character in the Valley of the Ancient environment but the hair keeps getting clipped on the top or sides. This changes depending on camera angle.

I had that happening, and I think it was somehow related to the the body/face physics asset, if not, maybe the character capsule. I stumbled upon the fix when I was trying to figure out why the groom simulation was acting crazy, and after shrinking something I noticed the clipping was way worse. So I made it bigger, and I’ve been able to see all the hair since. I just can’t reproduce it right now, so I don’t remember exactly which piece it was.

I gave up on the groom simulation for now in UE5_EA. On a brand new project with a metahuman moving back/forth on a platform, it was like the hair was a frame off, with the collision sending it all over the place. I checked the Valley of the Ancient demo too, and sure enough, the groom simulation was disabled. When I enabled it, it was exhibiting the same issues.

Yes I figured it out, change the bounds for the face to 2.


what a star!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m from the future. It’s 2024, but it’s still buggy. I don’t see the same menu as your screenshot. Any idea?