Metahuman hair Flashing issue

anyone know how to fix this weird flasihing on metahuman hair? this only happen after the game built, not happening in editor. Metahuman Hair Glitch - YouTube

Hey there!

From the looks of it, it appears to be switching between LODs based on the characters distance from the camera. The default MetaHuman hair LOD distancing is pretty aggressive, and it seems as if your camera isn’t in a fixed position but lags behind the character when moving which could explain this.

I’d try keeping the camera at a fixed location and seeing if it still has that issue. If not, then that’s the cause and you’ll need to tweak your hair LOD distances.

Heya there, so while looking at the 3rd person blueprint you are using, you need to select the hair and look at where the origin is at relative to your camera. I placed the gizmo origin inside the front of the camera and it seemed to fix the issue. Hope this helps.

Maybe it’s a Bound question?
You can try to tick Groom-Detail- Use Attach Parent Bound
Wish can help you

Hi there, I have found a fix for this as I was trying to add custom armor to my metahuman.
So basically after you have added your metahuman face to your BP, you need to copy the “LODSync” variable from the metahuman BP to your BP and then goto the “Components to Sync” option in the details panel. In there look for “index 5” (Hair) and change the sync option from “Passive” to “Drive”. Compile and save. :slight_smile:

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Hi to fix this issue you need to go to groom details
image and change all LOD’s (click first tab on details at right and type LOD) Geometry Type where it is relevant to Strands:

Try setting Hair Interpolation Type to Smooth Transform

Did you find a solution that worked for you?

Unfortunately, that didn’t change anything for my character.

So, what exactly needs to be changed there?

In my case it was already on Smooth Transform, but the issue is there nevertheless.