Metahuman hair all over the place in ue5


There are one or two posts re: this issue but can’t seem to resolve it.

In image 1 zeva’s hair looks ok. But if you notice midway down the sweater on the left hand side there looks like there is a misplaced strand of hair.

Then in image 2 when zeva bends down the hair is all over the place. I can’t figure out quite why.

I haven’t really changed much. I forced the LODSync to 0 with Zeva’s character.

And the animation that causes Zeva to bend down is just a quick animation put together in sequencer and exported and then setup in an animation blueprint so Zeva bends down when a key is pressed.


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Ahahahaha this is too funny :rofl:

For me my problem is that the top half of the hair becomes invisible for some reason, no idea why, im just going to try different hairstyles