MetaHuman Groom Rebinding Issue

So I imported a MetaHuman into Maya and I’ve customized it with additional clothes and got it set up with a rig to control it’s driver joints. Bringing it back into Unreal and using the old workflow of baking the animation to joints seemed to work just fine, even for the face. The last hurdle I’m having is with the hair groom.

When you import the MetaHuman to Maya it doesn’t come with the groom, or hair cards or anything like that. So I figured I’d be able to take the groom from the same character when I imported him from Bridge to Unreal, and use it on this customized version of the same MetaHuman. I made sure to keep the face the exact same, in Unreal I added a groom component and created a new binding, using the original MetaHuman head as the Source Skeletal Mesh, and my new head as the Target. Everything was looking good.

Until I brought in my test animation. It tracks ‘ok’, but it seems like the animation is somehow offset in time compared to the rest of the skeletal meshes. It looks like it’s floating ahead. I’m so close to making this work for our pipeline, it feels like I’ve gotta be missing something super simple to get this to work.

Anyone run into this? I know it’s probably more of a Groom question rather than something specific to MetaHuman, but it seemed like something people are bound to run into as they tweak their characters.

The same thing happened to me and I can’t find the solution