Metahuman Groom Mac Issue

Trying to get the groom to show in 4.26.2 on a mac, everything else works with the metahuman import so far but just no hair groom.
The beard cards came in just fine too so now I have a character just with no hair or eyebrows.

Any suggestions?

Did you select a groom which only have strand LODs (0 and 1)? Strand based hair is not currently supported on Mac I’m afraid.

Thanks for the info.
The hair was just the buzz cut option.

Is there a way to force the use of cards instead of the groom if it is currently unsupported on Mac?

Is there any update as to when groom on Mac will be integrated?


Did anyone find solution for groom hair in Mac?

Having this problem too.
Imported Omar, and only the beard is visible any other hair isn’t.

Also, tried ticking the “Use Cards” in Omar’s blueprints and changing the LODs, no results.


Same here. MacOS.