Metahuman full body?

I wanna make some clothes for my metahumans and export them to ue4 but my metahuman is missing it’s torso… ? How do I change that? On the MHC web page you get to see the full body so I think it’s weird I cant see the whole body…

Metahumans are comes with separate mesh as torso,head, leg and hands.

You can export it as a source asset from Quixel Bridge for the full body
Quixel Bridge > Download setting : for setting the export format like fbx and source assest
Quixel Bridge > Export setting : for setting the software you want to export it to

Polygons hidden by the selected clothing are removed as part of the export process. If you remove all clothing though, you should get the full body mesh (no polygons removed)


So remove the clothes before export?

Just download a character with the source asset, then export it to unreal, in unreal go to metahumans/common/common and all the full bodies will be there as rigged meshes. They are just the base mesh and the face will be some default face with no hair etc but you’ll have the full body available.

i konw this is an old thread & this is problably a stupid question
but what about the texture for full body?
is it also available somewhere?

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Hi floriankogl, did you ever get an answer to this?