Metahuman full body preview mesh for skinning?

I am wondering, why the full body preview mesh has been discarded with the last update of Metahuman creator…?

Especially for creating clothes for these characters, copying vertex weights from the preview mesh made things so much easier. Since clothes usually only require the body rig and not the head, the whole missing upper chest and neck part makes the workflow of cloth rigging extremely difficult…

Are there any plans to bring the full body mesh back?


Not sure if you meant them, but I added a MetaHuman today to my project and found the preview meshes here (Content/MetaHumans/Common/Common).

I also really like to use those meshes for testing the IK Rigs and IK Retarget assets.

Hey mate,
yes I know they have preview meshes. What I mean is, the previews used to be one single mesh for body and head in the very first version of MH Creator. Now they changed it and split the two. But its ok, I dont really need them any more. :wink:

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ever found a sollution for this? running into the same problem

There is no solution I think. The preview meshes are just separated into body and head meshes. But its not a problem, you can always join the two in Blender, Maya, … and use that body for skinning.