Metahuman Face(lipstick & eyebrows) Changes in viewport!?

I downloaded "Realistic Rendering " project from UE marketplace and imported my MetaHuman. BUT when I zoom in or out , lips and eyebrows of metahuman change!!!(both in viewport and video capture)

photo number 1 is how my metahuman has to be (intermediate distance)

photo number 2 is when I zoom in(lips change, looks like it has lipstick!)

photo number 3 is when I zoom out(eyebrows become thicker)


I have tried these:

deleting metahuman and re import it.
deleting project and recreate it
converting the project to UE5 and import metahuman.
deleting DDC(derived data cache) and compile Shaders again.
import the files of this metahuman from another project.
I enabled all missing plugins and project settings.

changing the location of metahuman
in one other project I don’t have this problem

It seems that in your new project metahuman has some issues with the materials for LODs. Metahuman has different setup for eyebrows and hair(if it uses hair strands or cards), so when you change distances, it swaps over to another setup that is more detailed but more performant when you come close and opposite when you go farther away.