Metahuman Eyelashes in VR are yellow?

Hi There,
I’m having the following issue that I’m a bit stuck with. The sample metahumans from the demo work fine in VR once hairstrand is disabled, however whenever I use a custom metahuman the facial hair does not render correctly. I’ve managed to fix most of it by retargeting to the sample MH files but the persistent issue are the eyelashes which keep rendering with yellow outlines. Replacing these with the sample files does not work. Any ideas for a solution would be hugely helpful!

Also find that MetaHumans are green when trying Path Tracing. But the yellow outlines sound like the item is selected in the UE4 UI Viewport almost. Can you try hitting the G key to see if that helps (G = Game Mode)

If I encounter this, I usually hit G. Works most of the time.