Metahuman Eye Occlusion shader

Hello, I’ve got a metahuman character that’s being lit strongly from one side. The problem is that the eyes look like they’re glowing in the dark when the head turns away from the light, and it’s much more visible on the shadowed side of the face than on the lit side.

As far as I can tell, this is being caused by the eye occlusion shader, which is unlit and uses the emissive output to make it not be black. I don’t understand how this shader is supposed to work, because from what I can see, Opacity is set to 1, and the emissive output somehow causes parts of the geometry to show the eye underneath. The downside seems to be that the “emissive” is causing the eyes to look like they’re glowing in the dark.

Can anyone explain how this shader works and how I might fix my problem? I thought it might help if I assign a different material to the “eye occlusion” geometry for each eye, but can anyone say whether or not that’s likely to help?

I’m just rendering still images, so performance isn’t too much of an issue.

bump for the same issue

Hello, I don’t know if I had the same problem as you.

but I found a solution by playing with the parameters of M_EyeOcclusion_Inst.
With the “shadow multiply” and in “Shadow” and “ShadowBorder”.

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