MetaHuman EULA: permitted use in UE title's character customization system?

I am seeking some clarity after reading the MetaHuman Creator EULA. Specifically, this part in the Restrictions and Limitations section: “(j) use the MetaHuman Technology for the purpose of building or enhancing any database or training or testing any artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural network or similar technology;”

Obviously any kind of AI based technology is out. But what about character creation systems within an Unreal Engine game title? If limitations apply here, to what extent? It’s unlikely such use would produce anything that competes with MetaHuman Creator, but I also understand Epic won’t want people to download thousands of MetaHumans.


Yes, you are generally permitted to use MetaHuman characters for your in-game character creation tool. Note that this is subject to other terms in the UE EULA, including restrictions on products that allow end users to create standalone products and restrictions on redistribution of content. So your game shouldn’t allow end users to export those character assets.

Excellent, thanks!