Metahuman End Goal

Hi, i consider myself a beginner developer, i’ve been using Unreal Engine for the last 4-5 years, with great satisfaction, due to the versatilty and the overall quality of this engine. I greatly appreciate to have this software available and can’t thank you enough for your good work. Seriously… thanks guys.
Unreal Engine is capable to help people like me to approach the beautiful passion which is game developing, with ease and satisfaction. I’ve been following the Metahumans project from the beginning, which clearly has a huge potential yet to express, and what i did was basically download a character, and try to merge to his headmesh other downloaded character’s shapes, in order to achieve an offline “character creator” i would say, with the goal of adding as many morph targets as i can, so that i could offline inside the engine sculpt the head as now is possible only in the online Metahuman software.
Needless to say this process is long and difficult, and many issues are present down the road. For this reason i would like to ask you if you are planning to offer the full Metahumans sculpting and morphing online features also for a full download, in order to ease the process of creatively modify and personalize them offline, offering the users the full control of the tool. I’m sure a lot of people expect this at some point, and being aware that it could take a long time to do this, i’m merely curious if you at least have this “on schedule”. Thanks for the reply, and for being there working hard for the mighty, and lovely UE. Hope i explained myself clearly, i’m not an english speaker :slight_smile: Bye