Metahuman Demo - Unreal 4 Performance VS Unreal 5 Performance


I’ve recently made some tests running the Metahuman demo on a computer equipped with an RTX 3090 and getting average performance results (45 to 60 fps, that’s with two characters on screen and not much other content being displayed so not really applicable to current gen games content, but great for a tech demo).

I’ve been wondering, will the demo run better with Unreal 5? Will Nanite and Lumen have any impact on the performance or should we just not expect that much of a difference with the stats that we are getting right now with UE4 versus how it will run with Unreal 5?

Could you please explain how Unreal 5 will improve the performance of this demo (if applicable) using the new lighting system and the new rendering engine?

The Metahuman Demo was tested on a machine with the following specs:

  • RTX 3090
  • Rizen 3900X
  • 32 GB Ram

Thank you.

There’s a bunch of performance killers in that project, strands are using an extra expensive setup, lots of shadow casting lights, more than needed, and using SSGI which doesn’t seem optimized compared to other engines.

Should be possible to double the performance with basic optimization and not change the look much.

You mean optimizing the scene for Unreal 4, right? Do you know if Lumen in Unreal 5 (versus SSGI) will have any positive impact on the performance?