MetaHuman Creator - Mesh To MetaHuman - Rights on created MetaHumans?

First of all, I would like to mention that I have read the terms and conditions for the use of MetaHuman Creator, but I have not fully understood them. Therefore, I would be very pleased if someone here would answer my following question.

Do I automatically grant Epic etc., with the use of the MetaHuman Creator, the use and duplication of my self-created MetaHumans, also those, which I have created with the imported scan data of real persons?

Hey. Not sure on that as i do not use this tool but if I was you, be on the safe side and contact Epic.

But this is an official Epic forum or not? So I assume they’ll be able to answer the question here, too.

Hi there this is unreal’s form. It might be a better idear to go to something like there support to ask a question like this. You can wait but It may take some time as there is a lot of threads. I am just a game developer so im not 100& sure.
Good luck

Thanks! I know that I could also ask this question by reaching the support directly but I think the answer will be interesting for other people, too. That’s why I asked in the forum, so others will find the information if they search for it later on.


you will not get law related answers on forums from people that work for a company. and even if they answer it can’t be taken as legal truth.

where did you got that information? can you post the part from the license that is related to what you are saying?

if you have read that in the license maybe is something similar with youtube where if you upload a video there, you grant google the rights to use that video for anything related to promoting the business or make the service better.

probably unreal has same thing but lets see the direct quote first

Hey @CocoFresco!

While I can’t provide you with a direct answer (you should definitely reach out to Epic support), here is the End User License Agreement in regards to Metahumans:

I hope this provides the answer you are looking for!

First of all, thanks for linking the EULA.

But everything there’s written in such a tricky lawyer’s language that I’m not able to understand what’s written there and since I’m not a lawyer, I shouldn’t be expected to understand the content. I guess Epic should know that and that I’m probably not the only one having issues about understanding what’s written there.

did you have any success with reching out to them? I’m wondering the same thing, but don’t know how to contact support as epic redirected me to unreal. I can’t find an email address to contact

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Sorry for my late response! I’ve to check my notification settings as I didn’t get notified about your comment. I just discovered it by coincidence.

No, I haven’t even tried to reach out to them as I guess that their answer probably wouldn’t be more insightful as the EULA ^^