MetaHuman Cine Camera Actor Issue


When I modify the Lens Settings of my CineCameraActor to get a closeup of my MetaHuman I encountered this kind of issue.
Someone have the same problem or how to figure it out?

Thank you so much!

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Having the exact same issue. Did you ever find the solution?

Do you know the camera’s full settings?
Try the new original metahuman character with a cine camera focus in

I’m using a new character, but it is a custom one. The camera has the focal plane set on the actor’s face, but that’s not addressing the problem entirely. What did help was setting the blueprint to force all assets to be LOD0 via the LODSync component. But the “Fuzz” layer, or any fine hair around the edge of the actor (like the back of the neck) when seen over a background appears as a flickering blurry halo. It does not look out of focus, just like a display error of some kind. Everything looks perfect with the regular camera, only cine cam has the issues. Seems like a lot of people are running into groom issues with the cine cam. Also, I’m in 5.1.1, with scalability set to Epic and Cinematic, with and without scaling.

Cine Camera is working perfectly on my system UE-5.1.1
do try to follow the camera settings.
If not working try the original metahuman character(not Edited).

The cine cam appears to have issues with meta humans when the aperture is set to lower values that would cause part of the face to be in softer focus. I produces a flickery/noisy halo around the meta human. I’m guessing it has to do with how the fine hairs are rendered, and that method may not properly support soft focus yet.

I have the same problem! Did you manage to solve this problem?