Metahuman Body Textures with green, red or blue artifacts

It happens when I select extreme values of skin tone in Metahuman Creator. Attached a few examples of textures with green, blue and red spots only happening in the body textures for all 4 extreme values of Skin Tone (combinations of U, V) as shown below, male and female. Those are files downloaded from Bridge. Below the video links for review:


I’d appreciate if someone can point me a workaround.
Thank you.

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i got same problem , is this problem had been resolved?

hope some one reply any ideas to solve this issue . :cold_face: thanks.

after few hours i doing this , for now the only way is adjust the skin color U&V to Dark color and loss of rosy ,can remove the red/green/blue spot from skin textures.

we need to use photoShop turn the color back as what we need,this waste time . :woozy_face:

I was excited with the latest update of the Metahuman Creator, however, the issue still continues for darker and pale skins. I contacted Quixel, they told me only Epic’s team can fix that.

Hopefully this issue is going to be fixed soon in the next updates.
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facing the same issue with MH 0.5