Metahuman Body preview in UE 4.27 missing head part

Hey all,

I’m making custom clothes for my Metahumans. In UE5 there’s no problem as I can export the full body preview and import into Marvelous to make clothes.

In UE 4.27 lately something is wrong.
The body preview in Common->Common is missing neck and head part.

Why is that? This only happens in UE 4.27 as in UE 5 it works well.

Somebody has this happening too?

I’m having the same issue in 4.27 and 5. No fix for this?

In UE4 is it seperate. The head has it’s own Animation Blueprint and the Body Skeleton is missing the head’s bones.

With new metahuman creator version, full body preview mesh has been removed.

I imagined, but how are you supposed to export an fbx of the full body if you want to make custom clothes?

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Apparently the head has also been removed in the preview mesh in the latest version of UE5. Anyone found a solution to this? I tried combining the body and head FBX in Houdini, but couldn’t get it to work. Something is wrong with the head FBX export’s animation.

I’m seeing the same, any solutions?

This seems to have started with the 0.5.0 version of Metahumans. (Not really a function of the Unreal Engine Version).

If you’re designing custom clothing, you can use a DCC tool (like Blender or Maya) to combine the geometry of head and preview body. Export those from Unreal as fbx, import into your 3D DCC tool of choice and combine the meshes to be used for clothing design reference.

They should add back a mesh with head, just for previews and editing animation/poses (eg:head turning) and others.


Hey, did you ever find a solution to this? I’m stuck with the same issue!

Here’s a really helpful tutorial that got things working for me:

(27) Custom clothes for UE Metahuman / UE4-5 / Blender 3+ /MarvelousDesigner 11 - YouTube