Metahuman app for Android (like Live Link)

Hi everyone!
I am pretty much new at this, and I would like to use MetaHuman Live Link, but the problem is I have an Android device only. So I was wondering is there an app for Android? Hope I didn’t ask the same question as everyone else. And if it does exist is there a tutorial for it?


Unfortunately there seems to be no Android-App at the moment, probably because only on current IPhones you can make sure they have Lidar what they use to track the faces, I guess. Further it is probably easier to develop something like this for a closed platform with limited hardware variations. Let’s hope there will be an Android App soon because I simply don’t want to switch to the expensive and closed up Apple ecosystem. It should technically work at least with the latest flagship models on Android even if many of them still have not implemented Lidar.

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I think Epic is dependent on ARKit at the moment…

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What IPhone would I need as a minimum without any drawbacks?

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Check out this video

Hi,I made one free and wireless app for android base on facemoji,both app and source :

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Thanks for the Live link app. I’m trying to use it but can’t get the head rotation to work. I’ve recompiled it for UE4.27.2 with some errors. I’ve noticed headPitch, headRoll and headYaw mentioned in the nodes in event graph but the Android app uses HeadLeft, HeadRight type parameters. Is this sorted inside the plugin and supposed to work or not implemented? And which UE version is the GitHub version for?

I can’t find the jsonlivelink file in my computer

the recommended phone is 12 or newer. Im using an old iphone 11 that I had kicking around because I use galaxy now… It seems to work despite the warnings that there might be issues