Metahuman animator, hard crash on prepare for performance

Starting from scratch, 3900x 64gb of RAM, 3060 12Gb of GPU ram, after identify solver not even a blue screen of death, just a black screen and hard reboot, 100% repro on this setup.

Memory usage through the roof, up to 60Gb of ram.

It seems like a GPU crash. I have a 4090 and when it finishes the processing of a performance the unreal client just restarts. It does not do it with 1 frame only, but 2+ are doomed for me.

Interesting, so just using a single front frame, no teeth frame also, won’t crash for you?

This happens after the Identity has finished. I had no issues with that. Applied the front view, the two sides, than the teeth as well. The identity is fine.
After that, when I try to add a performance to the identity, that’s when the crash happens.

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Yes exact same here, but if you use only one frame does it go through?

First I thougth yes, but made a 2nd try and it only works when I process the first frame. So Start Frame:0 & EndFrame:1.

Every other scenario it crashes.

Edit: It worked on one random frame as well.


Looks like this is a thing. While I’m not crashing, I’m stalling at around 89%.

Might be worth combining these threads?

The other thread is here:

I go to try today the metahuman animator, and every time i got to the last step that is " training de metahuman identity for performance" every single time the UE5.2 crash!!! and Im not able to get it! any solution? thks

My PC:

Ryzen Threadripper
4090 RTX

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I’m still waiting for any reply from Epic or anyone who has managed to fix it or found a workaround.

btw, are you GPU drivers up to date also?

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yes they are! the funny is that i was successful doing all without a crash in my other computer with a graphic card 2080RTX! and the problems and crashes occur in my computer with a much better graphic card 4090 rtx! no make sense!

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SAMEE. Unreal crashes as i hit process in metahuman performance.
Nvidia RTX 3060

Hello, I have the same problem. When I tap PREPARE FOR PERFORMANCE programm shows FAILED.

Tell me please do u solve this problem?

I solved the problem! UE is sent to the wrong video card. I switched the video card and everything worked. When the PREPARE FOR PERFORMANCE download reaches 88%, just wait, do not disable anything and everything will work out

How did you change the video card? In Unreal?