Metahuman and Custom Clothing

Im getting a weird issue… any ideas/? Followed the steps in the nike shoe vid from Cam but now seems like my clothes are fitting to the bones or i dont know

I’ve seen some scary looking metahumans out there but this is by far the scariest :joy: have you used individual meshes for the jacket and the trousers? You’ll need to do them individually, for the torso you need to find the torso skeletal mesh so you can transfer the weights from the existing to just the jacket, then do the same for the legs. Ideally you’ll be better off painting the weights manually as you’ll get a better result but that’s a whole different cup of tea, if you’re just transferring you need to start with a mesh that closely matches what you’re transferring to. If you’ve already done that then I have no idea what’s gone wrong here.

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100% yes

My 2 cents is that you guys have to do a full documentation writeup in the “for dummies” style.

It’s much more helpful in the long run compared to a livetraining that lasts 2 hours (which may really need closer to 3 or 4 streams to cover the entierty of character creation).


I made a nightie



I’m almost there with the top set of clothing. Just a few tweaks to this jacket and I’ll start working on pants. Here is current state working on a third person character Metahuman. Works with the rig too.


To be honest I am amazed how such promising tool can turn out to be so useless. No custom clothes? Really? Then why I ever need this - to play with it? Exporting body and creating clothes and rigging in some third party is not an option - then I would do everything in third party. Especially when you have 18 bodies. It can not import clothes, transfer weights - I am not even mentioning autofitting. Does not come into any comparison to iClone or even DAZ.
Absolutely useless. Just another toy to play with. I pass.

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To be fair this is an awesome tool and also considering I haven’t had to spend a penny on top of my current setup makes it even better, it’s early access and I’m sure there will be more to come but even in its current state, if I want custom clothing I can just model some and then at least I get exactly what I want. Yeah we all want to just be able to click on any clothing that exists in real life and add it to our character but I’m not sure that exists in any software already so there’s going to be an element of having to do some manual work. Metahuman is a great starting block saving me time on building a lifelike face which I would have never bothered with previously. I say thumbs up, well done to all those involved in creating the Metahuman project.


Yes!! please.

I’m loving Metahumans! Just experimenting now, because the clothes don’t fit my game and I’m not a good enough artist to make my own clothes. It would be good if Metahumans Creator just had all the basic types of clothes available (loose pants, tight pants, dress, skirt, etc.). I don’t need lots of variations of each type; just one or two that I can use as a starting point. Here’s my background and my thinking:

For the last two years, I have been developing a fairly large solo project. I have about three years of work left (hence the “fairly large” label).

I am not much of an artist, so when I started the project, my plan was to use 3d models from the marketplace. That has a lot of challenges and limitations.

Even though I’m not an artist, Metahumans is awesomely easy! I needed a realistic child character about 12 years old, and there was nothing on the marketplace that would work. I was able to make a perfect character in under 1/2 an hour in Metahumans!

The downside is that the character is wearing jeans and a sweater. That doesn’t work in my medieval game, which needs this character to wear a peasant-style dress. I have found good tutorials that enable a novice artist like me to replace the sweater with a sweater-like asset that I can find online (such as a jacket). But getting those tutorials to work for my needs requires (a) that I can find a medieval dress asset out there, which is easy; and (b) that the mesh have something reasonably dress-like to use as a starting point. And that latter part is the sticking point.

I’m not looking to invest the time necessary to become a 3D artist who can create stuff like this from scratch. I’ve got enough on my plate. I need the Easy Button. For the face and body, MetaHuman Creator is the Easy Button. But for clothes, I would need the basic clothing types so I have a starting point to go into Blender and easily trade out a given type of clothing for something similar that better fits my needs.

Thanks for the great tool!


I demo a conceptual idea for a tool like you’re suggesting here Unreal Engine - Create Jewelry - Necklaces @ the 3:30 mark. Not sure if there is enough interest in something like that, or potentially Epic may have their own similar solution in the works. But I agree, I think a concept like this could be beneficial for the general user.

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Awesome! I watched your tutorial on creating a jacket, which is the one I was referring to. Thanks for posting both of these.

Given that I’m building a large project solo with limited art skills, I would really value a tool that delivers clothing customization as simply as, say, Character Creator 3. If we can get anything close to that, I’m in.

Your tutorials have given me hope that there will be a path. It makes too much economic sense for someone to build a tool. Hopefully, they’ll get there before I need to start making significant progress on my character art, or I may have to go the CCC route.

hello there ! how did you manage to create the clothing in MD and that fits perfectly on the Metahuman? Did you find a way to import the Metahuman on MD? How did you? Thank you for your help!!

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Hello! You should export body and face, import it to Blender, clean mesh (delete all bones), join mesh and then you can export it as FBX to MD or CLO3D.

@SarahRR Yes, that part was easy. You just need to find the metahuman body for your character in your unreal project and import this body to MD. In MD 10, there is a feature that allows you to fit clothes to imported body meshes. I think it is called auto-fit. Check it out. It is quite simple. The issue is rather how to bring the cloth mesh back to UE and set up the collision physics for clothing.

I’m just trying to figure how to get my model OUT of MetaHuman to Blender. I could likely get it into MD find and with a lot of work even get RT cloth sim. But how do you get it out of MH? I have what’s supposed to be a Blender plugin/Bridge, but doesn’t appear to do anything.

Hey, there’s a thread here that discusses most of the process for exporting you Metahuman. Export metahuman as fbx

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I wish they add morph target preview and control in the future which is important for RPG design

Hi guys, if anybody is still interested, you can try our UE4 Cloth Simulation Plugin and 3D Draper (beta)

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