MetaHuman Actor Not Appearing In control rig picker

I am trying to add my meta human to the control rig picker widget but all it says on the widget is NONE… Anyone know a fix?

Sometimes if you have reopened the project it shows as none, close the picker and then relaunch it, you’ll be able to pick your MH, then re dock it again. Let me know if that’s the fix

A bit late to reply but better late than never, I guess.

As far as I can tell, relaunching it won’t fix it, but clicking that barely visible button bellow Actor will refresh the widget and let you use it again.

I am having the same issue. None of the above options are working. I have four metahumans in my scene, two in the sequencer, and the MH CR Picker still shows nothing in the Actor dropdown. Even after restarting, closing+reopening the Widget, and clicking the red refresh button.

Does anyone have an updated solution?

Hey everyone,

I debugged the widget and discovered a few things:

  • Only actors in the Master (root) sequence are supported. If you have a hierarchy of sequences, and currently have a subsequence open (called subscenes in 4.x), the widget won’t find the MetaHumans in your subsequence.
  • In 5.1 (perhaps earlier), the code was updated and the Actor list no longer shows actor names, even in the master/root sequence. However, if you select the control rig of a MetaHuman in the master/root sequence before clicking the bone selection buttons, it appears to work.

I wanted this to work with my workflow, which includes using many master sequences, each with many “shot” subsequences.

I had a previous version of the MH_CR_Picker from a 4.2x project (I think it was 4.26) and was able to fix it to work as expected. I attempted this fix with the 5.1 version of MH_CR_Picker but it did not work. Even so, my fixed version works fine with my 5.x MetaHumans.

I can’t guarantee these steps will work since I am not sure the exact version of Metahuman Creator my original 4.2x was from, but this worked for me:

  • From a 4.26 (or 4.27) project, copy the Content\MetaHumans\Common\Common\Utilities into a custom folder in your current project (something like Content\MH_CR_Picker_Fixed).
  • Open the MH_CR_Picker Editor Utility Widget found in this folder
  • Switch to the “Graph” view (via the button in the upper-right of the screen)
  • Find (Ctrl+F) all instances of “Get Current Level Sequence”
  • Double-click each instance in the search result and:
  • Replace the “Get Current Level Sequence” node with a “Get Focused Level Sequence” node (drag off the white pin from the node before it, type “Get Focused Level Sequence”, click it, then drag each output pin from your new node into the respecting input node of the “Get Bindings” node - you can then delete the “Get Current Sequence” node)

Save and compile, then right-click your fixed Editor Utility Widget in the content browser and run it.

Now opening a master or subsequence, clicking the “refresh” button (under “Actor” in the widget) then selecting the drop-down should show a list of MetaHumans in your sequence that have Control Rigs (it won’t show MetaHumans that don’t have Control Rigs).

This works for me in the master/root sequence and in my subsequences.

Hope this helps someone!



Absolutely epic!
Thank you for posting this!

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