MetaHuman A2F plugin (ACE) error loading behavior UE 5.3

Hi to everyone,

i’m tryng to lipsync my metahuman with ACE plugin:

i have the “SoundWave” file that is generated by ElevenLabs, and i want to lipsync that wav with my metahuman.

I implemented the ACE plugin but i receive the error:
“LogACERuntime: Error: Couldn’t read USoundWave ImportedSoundWave /Engine/Transient.ImportedSoundWave_0, try setting LoadingBehavior to ForceInline” as you can see in the image.

I implemented the plugin like that:

i tryed to change the “loadingBehaviour” with a custom method on C++ like that:

but at this point i don’t think the problem is the “loadingBehaviour”.

What am i missing?


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I solved the problem this way:

  1. Find the Sound Wave asset you are using
  2. Double-click the Sound Wave asset to open the details.
  3. Under the “Loading” category, change the “Loading Behavior Override” option to “ForceInline.”

Thanks for the answer!

I can’t find “loading” properties inside my “details panel” if i double click on my sound wave:

Am i misunderstanding something?


Try the sound Wave file in the content drawer. the audio file ! :slight_smile: